Nomad gallery is proud to present you the biggest collection of old Turkish 
    earthen-ware. Before the plastic had been invented, people used to store their
    water, olive oil, grape juice, pickle,butter, wheat, bread, flour, all sort of grains in
    different forms of clay earthen-ware. Almost in every part of Anatolia, there were 
    villages who had  a workshop  with a master producing his beautiful pots and
    pitchers. The forms they created  varied with the combination of their cultural 
    background, local soil and their talents. 
In our inventory, you can see thousands of old pots and jars from all over Anatolia in different sizes and ages going back to few hundred years. These unique pots can be used in exteriors and interiors and they look stunning at the correct place in the correct atmosphere.
Unfortunately, we do not sell these items in retail because of the difficulty of the freight. We do whole sale only and do business with landscape designers and decorators in different countries. Min buying amount is 20 " container.
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